Family, Couple, Maternity, Holiday

30 Minutes

1 Outfit

30+ Digital Gallery

Young Family_edited.jpg


Family, Couple, Maternity, Newborn

1 hour

2-3 optional outfits

50+ digital gallery 

Custom 7x7 photo book

What to Expect From Our Session

My sessions are unique and not like most. I value communicating and connecting with families. Building that trust is deeply rooted in my passion for this style of work. I want to be as transparent and honest as possible. It's not in my nature to hide anything or have any hidden fees when booking a session with me. I will be my honest and true self in hopes of making this experience with me be the best one yet!  

My main goal is to make sure you and your family feel as comfortable as possible. After all, feeling comfortable makes for the best photos! I love to capture your family as they are now and not make you do anything stiff or unnatural. I will do my absolute best to capture all the beautiful angles of your family. I promise it will be a lot of fun with the short time we have together. I treat the sessions as quality family time.

I don't use flash or artificial light. My light comes from the beautiful California sun! My sessions last 20-30 min and begin around a golden hour so it's very important that you arrive on time to maximize our time together with the light we have. Besides bringing a blanket, I do not have any other props. If you're interested in bringing props that's something to mention in the In-Take form after you book your session. 

If you have kids, I encourage you to make this a fun family experience instead of bribing your children with treats. Make this a feel-good day! Make plans to go out for dinner or treat before or after the session as a family for the overall experience and not as a reward. 

Lastly, I will worry about your kid's behavior! I ask for you to show up prepared, relax and have fun!

I look forward to connecting and I'm happy to answer any questions!